New season started!

So excited to be back on stage after the Xmas break! We first had a tiny private gig for a couple in our studio last thursday, and they sure knew how to cheer! It was also specially nice to get to perform our Aurora Borealis act again with three people, since we haven't been able to do so since the premier at the Suomi Burleski Gaala last October (three girls spinning with a pair of veil fans each do take a lot of space!)

happy gals with out Fiona Timantti headpieces <3

Friday was a very exciting day for the whole Finnish burlesque scene, and that's because the world premier of the documentary "Bettie Page Reveals All" was being held in Helsinki at the DocPoint documentary festival! Pepper already had the chance to promote this movie in December, and was now delighted to present the director Mark Mori and the producer Thorpe Mori, and to conduct the Q&A section after the screenings on both Friday and Saturday. 

Pepper with Mark Mori during the Q&A
picture by Rita Miklan

Unluckily enough not everybody could make it to the premier (for example Bettie Blackheart was rocking the stage at Queen Calavera in Hamburg), but we did manage to gather a lot of the Finnish burlesque performers in Helsinki. 

picture by Rita Miklan

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