Queer much?

So many exciting things happening this spring, and we are definitely most excited about the variety and colourfulness of it all! As an example the gig Gigi was performing at last night, at Lahti Pride! Due to last moment problems there had to be some small changes in the lineup, but Gigi, together with the ever glamurous Lola Vanilla, the sweetest Abortia Clinique and the most handsome stage kitten for the night A. le Coq absolutely rocked the stage! Huge thanks go to the awesome audience in Lahti, you made our night!

And continuing with the queer theme, Gigi and Pepper are most thrilled to announced they'll be joining a lineup of amazing national and international drag queens and burlesque artists in the end of March! This is going to be one wild party, so stay tuned and we hope to see you there! ;-)
You can also check the event's facebook event!

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