Teerenpeli Tease - Circus

In a week and a half in Tampere, Pepper will join the first Teerenpeli Tease of the autumn/winter season! The theme for this event is the Circus, and besides the usual tail-feather shaking you'll be treated to some real circus awesomeness! So save the date and remember that the tickets can only be bought at the door with cash! ;-)


Big fat update!

Oh my, what a Spring/Summer this has been! We've been so terribly busy with our dayjobs, photoshoots, dancing, deadlines, and of course burlesque, that the updates have just been piling up mercilessly! But enough of that! So here you go what we've been up to lately, in case you've been wondering ;-)

We were most thrilled, honoured and excited to take part in the first Vintage Glamour party, organized by the amazing Müstika Magical Theatre, and sharing the stage with so many talented artists! Besides gorgeous estonian burlesque artists Chrissy Kiss and Affinity Starr, we also had the honour to share the stage with some of the most amazinglh talented bellydancers from Müstika, as well as the Kelfirius Fire Theatre! And from what I've heard there are plans for more Vintage Glamour happenings coming up, so stayed tune for that! ;-D

And if this magnificent event weren't enough, on the following day we got to share some fun and tail feather shaking with a bunch of gorgeous estonian ladies! Gigi and Pepper taught two workshops (Burlesque A to Z, and Old School Kitty Cat), and we must say estonians definitely have talent! We can't wait to be back for somemore shaking and fun! 

Which reminds me, GIGI AND PEPPER ARE CURRENTLY ALSO AVAILABLE FOR WORKSHOPS AND HEN PARTIES! So just drop us a line and let us know what's in your mind, all the Dizzy Daisies have many years of experience on stage and have also attended the workshops on many international burlesque stars and legends! ;-)

And before I continue with the next event, I would like to express our deepest thanks and all our love to the brain behind Müstika, the gorgeous dancer, perfect hostess and dear friend Berit Vill <3 <3 <3

The next big thing we have been involved with after Tallinn has been the delicious Sinsational Spring Awakening! Which this year starred international burlesque performers Erochica Bamboo and Minnie Tonka, as well as a selection of awesome finnish performers! We had the honour to join this event as part of the crazy Finnish 8-girl troupe The Tourettes, which this time consisted of Thee Dizzy Daisies, The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret, Kitty Lit Ter and Lucie Good Ness. We just LOVE performing with this crazy bunch, and hope to be able to develope this project further in the future! :-D

If the Spring Awakening had a delicious combination of national and international performers, then the following weekends event, aka T.t. Tassel's birthday bash just had the best of Finland! It was definitely one of those occasions that make you remember why the Finnish burlesque family is so special, and why we are all so lucky to be part of it <3
Oh, and our gal Gigi Praline premiered her new Praline Airlines act as a very special birthday present! 

And since this summer has been all about new experiences, the weekend right after T.t. Tassel's birthday party Gigi and Pepper travelled back to lovely Tampere for our very first Summer Festival show! We performed at the Sauna Open Air Festival, which had a lineup including bands such as Volbeat, Hardcore Superstar, Nightwish, Stam1na and Finntroll, and it was a blast! Special thanks go to the lovely lady that came to see our second show from the first row wearing kitty ears after seeing our Crazy Kitties act the previous evening, YOU ROCK <3

I think we might have confused a couple of metalheads with our looks though, yellow is the new black? ;-D

And since Tampere seems to have become our second home, Gigi still travelled there again a few weeks ago for the premier of the burlesque movie Burlesque Assassins! Besides featuring the Finnish premier of this must-see for any burlesque fan, this even also featured some amazing burlesque artists and even one of the stars of the movie itself, the gorgeous Xarah von den Vielenregen! <3

Pepper had the pleasure of both performing at and discovering a new Finnish city, the absolutely gorgeous Rauma! She was part of a turn-of-the-century event prepared by Mr. and Mrs. Manner during the legendary Mustan Pitsin Yö, together with vintage clothings and items, art, and the amazing photographer team Atelieri O. Haapala! The stage turned out to be a gorgeous old building from the 1800 century, and the audience was such that they couldn't even fit inside! An absolutely magic night with very special people <3

And last but not least, when it comes to updating you with what we've been up to, we'd like to add that we're currently working on both new solo and group numbers! So stay tuned because we'll soon be back with some surprises ;-)