Gigi and Pepper on stage soon!

Hei everybody! Although you may still have to wait a little bit to see us on stage as a duo, both Gigi and Pepper will soon be hitting the burlesque stage with real audience! Gigi can be found this very coming weekend at Rubies-klubit: Abstinessiklubi in Helsinki, and Pepper will be performing in Hämeenlinna for the very first time at the Misty Extravaganza Night! (click on the links for more info!) Also, Abstinenssiklubi can also be enjoyed online, so no need to miss out if you aren't able to physically attend the show!



New blog face

 Today we´ve done some long-due admin...to this site. This is, after procrastinating with a barre class and skinny dipping :) Hope you´re having a wonderful weekend and please stay safe and healthy!