New Year, New Update!

As you can imagine we've all been crazy busy again, and we have lacked time to update this properly! So many things have happened since last time we managed to keep you informed that it's difficult to know where to start. To begin with, let me tell you that the gig list (past and upcoming) is now fully updated (if you have a look you may understand why we've been so busy), and if you look at the upcoming dates you'll see there are some booked even in the end of the year! That means that if you think you might want to have us booked for your event at some point this year you should let us know about it early in advance, in order to be sure it'll work out (although we always try our best to make all booking enquiries work out).

Sooo, where to begin with? Pepper did indeed perform at the Stockholm Burlesque Festival in October, and it was a blast! So many amazingly talented performers and such a mindblowing audience! Stockholm you were good to me, hope to see you again! <3

Stockholm Burlesque Festival @ Södra Teatern, 04-10-2013
picture by Bichard Photography
headpiece by Fiona Timantti Millinery
harness by Tyra Therman

Soon after that it was time for the glorious Suomi Burleski Gaala, where public is treated to a full show full of some of Finland's very best burlesque performers, and serves as a fundraiser for the following year's Helsinki Burlesque Festival. As in the last year, and to keep up with the nice traditions, we presented a new group act, Aurora Borealis. This act was a test out of our comfort zone, and an attempt at creating a piece that would be beautiful and would reflect the beauty of Finnish nature and culture (we decided to use the song "Farewell" from the Finnish band Apocalyptica, the melodies of which seemed to fit just perfectly). We have to say the reaction of the audience and the feedback we got (most of all a very special one) totally exceded our wildest expectations, even when a bunch of people ended up dropping a tear or two (ooops, we're really sorry! :-D)
In case you missed that one, here you go a chance to have a look at it: 

The rest of the year consisted mostly of smaller gigs here and there (and a LOT of fun), but we'll stop spamming you for now. What we will tell you though is that this upcoming year is going to be a BLAST, and we're so looking forward to it! We all have new solo acts coming (and probably a couple of group acts) and a lot of exciting events we still can't share with you, so stay tuned! ;-)

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