Stockholm Burlesque Festival! <3

Oi oi, less than a month left for the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival, and our Pepper will be performing in there on Friday! First time at an international Festival for any of us, and even though this time it is only Pepper we hope we'll soon visit some of the lovely festivals around Europe altogether <3

Luckily for Pepper she will have a most wonderful company during the event, since Sir Willy Waterlily, The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret and a bunch of other friends are also part of the lineup!
You can find more info about this event also through facebook. 

Besides performing on Friday, Pepper will also hit the stage briefly on Saturday, for the Octbooberfest! The Octbooberfest it a tassel twirling championship, but most importantly it is a fundraiser for a very serious issue, breast cancer. You can find more information about the event and how you can also help this cause through their facebook page. 

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