Tassel making/twirling workshop by Pepper in Tallinn this Saturday 14.9!

Pepper will be visiting Tallinn this weekend, and she'll be teaching a tassel workshop!
Prepare to learn how to craft pasties that can be made into any shape you wish, and tassels that will twirl forever and without (much) effort! She'll also be teaching different ways to twirl one or two tassels, and be assured that whatever your booby size and/or skill level, you will manage to twirl those tassels! ;-D

She'll be teaching techniques learnt from attending many different workshops with different performers, so you'll be getting all the tassel tricks you need without needing to wait for all these other performers to come teach in Tallinn. :-)

For registrations please contact Affinity Starr, her email can be found in the description of this event in facebook! :-)

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