Metal, Rock and Burlesque! \m/

Hell yeah! We've been looking forward to being able to announce this for a few weeks now, Gigi and Pepper will be performing in the SAUNA OPEN AIR FESTIVAL!
you'll be able to find us in the Poppamieslava on Saturday right after Nightwish, and also on Friday at the Alkulöylyt pre-party! And the entrance to the pre-party is free, so no excuses ;-)

The program for this year's SOA is the following, but stay tuned to their website because there might be last minute changes:

Sauna Open Air 8.-9.6.2013, Ratina Festival Park, Tampere

7.6.2013 Fri ALKULÖYLYT YLÄLAUTEELLA klo.18 ->, free entrance. Kotipelto Duo, Burlesque group: Thee Dizzy Daisies, Rock Science quiz…

8.6.2013 Sat Nightwish, Opeth (SE), Children of Bodom, Finntroll, Stratovarius, Lost Society, Bloodred Hourglass, Egokills

9.6.2013 Sun Volbeat (DK), Hardcore Superstar (SE), Sabaton (SE), Hatebreed (US), Crashdïet (SE), Stam1na, Omnium Gatherum, Ghost Voyage

SAUNA OPEN AIR ALKULÖYLYT PE 7.6. starting at 18:00

rock'n roll! ♥

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