New Promo + Stage Pictures!

As hinted by the previouspost, we have been having a few exciting promoshoots lately, with amazingly talented photographers such as Jirina Alanko and Marissa Tammisalo. We have uploaded a few of them to our Promo Pictures section, but if you would like to see more remember that you are most likely to find them in our facebook page! ;-)
We have also added a few pictures from our brand new acts at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2013 and a few other of our latest gigs.

Our beloved Atelieri O. Haapala, who take the most gorgeous neo-victorian pictures, were again at the festival taking pictures of the gorgeous audience and super talented performers. If you are in Finland and still haven't heard of them, go check their facebook page and figure out when they'll be shooting nearby next, it's absolutely worth it! And if you're not in Finland, you might even get lucky since they have already been to several other countries. And as an example, here you go the pictures they took of us after out acts:

Sandy JungleGigi PralinePepper Sparkles

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