Summer/Autumn SUPER UPDATE!!!!!

Yes, we haven't updated this website in ages, and yes, we have missed you all! Yours trully would like to use this opportunity to apologize for the delay with this task, but let me at least try to justify myself by explaining that I've had to move 3 times during this summer, and all the possible deadlines decided to approach me when I was starting to have the last moving under control.
 This being said, let me update you with our whereabouts during this time of silence, because we sure haven't stayed idle! ;-D

 The Spring Awakening was certainly one of the highlights of this summer, but there was much much more going on! Just a week after that our lovely Sandy (who is one of the teachers in Burleskinstituutti ) joined the rest of the teachers in Kaapelitehdas, both performing and bringing burlesque closer to the the lovely members of the audience who approached the stand during the sExhibition. If you are interested in finding out more about burlesque, or even (and specially!) in trying it out, why not get in touch with Sandy or any of the other lovely teachers in Burleskinstituutti? There are many teachers in several cities of Finland, who offer quality workshops and private lessons. Don't miss a chance like this!

 There has been many smaller public and private gigs we've been performing at during these months, both as a group and as solo performers. But one of them deserves a special mention because it's very close to Pepper's heart, since it was at this party 3 years ago that she first jumpped on stage as a burlesque performer! We are of course talking about Ship Ahoy!, which started three years ago and this year included such amazing performers as the prince of Finnish burlesque Bent van der Bleu, the geniously insane magician Christopher Wonder, and the hostess herself, the absolutely divine LouLou D'vil!

Christopher Wonder
So where were Sandy and Gigi while Pepper was having so much fun on stage? They were promoting Sailor Jerry rum in Porisphere, making everybody who would happen to visit the tent happy! Who wouldn't when you can at the same time get some nice drinks and a picture with these hot sailors? Ahoy! ;-D

Sailor Jerry bar at Porisphere!
The first bigger happening in Helsinki after the Spring Awakening, was a new concept party called Velvet Night Tea Room, inspired in the prohibition years, and organized by our dear Layla Delight and Rudy Ruthless. Unluckily enough Sandy was previously engaged for the evening with her Burleskinstituutti duties, so it was Gigi and Pepper that had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of Finland's very best! This was indeed an unforgetable party, both the audience and the performers were in such a perfect mood that I would say everybody who attended woke up with still a smile on the face the following day. 

Backstage mischief at the Velvet Night Tea Room
Roadtrip! Once more without our Sandy (what a dedicated teacher she is!), Gigi and Pepper had the pleasure of being pampered by Cherry Le Bon and Larry Mood, who are the force that keeps Oulu Burlesque running. This was a rather ackward trip for both, since Gigi had a terrible flu, and Pepper woke up with an iris infection (which can be quite serious in not treated right away, refer to wikipedia for more info ), so she basically couldn't even open one of her eyes. So after a quick visit to a lovely erotic shop (first things first! ;-D), poor Pepper had to spend half of her time in Oulu in the waiting room of the hospital (HUGE thanks to Cherry, Larry and Gigi for being so patient and taking so good care of me <3). We were a bit afraid that we would be "Thee Sickly Daisies" instead of "Thee Dizzy Daisies" this night, but the outstanding support of the audience in Oulu gave us all the energy we needed (thank you people, you were awesome! <3)

Oulu after the show, Pepper with the eyepatch she had to wear because of the iris infection!
Photo: Riia
 And roadtrip again! This time Sandy and Pepper, destination: Pori. We had been invited by our dear Olivia Rouge and Cherrie A.Dorable (aka Holy Curves) to join them on stage in Pori. They treated us like queens! Lovely hotel room with a DELICIOUS breakfast (for which we reserved too little time, such a mistake shall not be made again!) and a very enthusiastic audience. As a matter of fact, we liked it so much that we're coming back! Expect Pepper and Gigi as early as next weekend (check the dates section for more info), with a new coreography created just for your eyes! ;-D

Gigi and Pepper with Tampere's most curvilicious girls, the Holy Curves!
Autumn brought with it the cold and moist weather and the darkness, but also some more awesome stuff! The most important of them is of course the Suomi Burleski Gaala, which is a foundraiser for the Helsinki Burlesque Festival. The atmosphere at this event is specially warm, since all Finnish burlesque performers unite forces in order to keep the following year's festival going, and make it better and bigger every year! It is also the perfect place to see new numbers, and since we haven't had a new group number since this year's HBF, there couldn't have been a better occasion for it! Plus this number included a very special surprise, our dear Rudie Ruthless starring as our fisherman! Poor Rudie had to suffer some kitty mischief on stage...

Hungry kitties at the Helsinki Burlesque Gala!
Another event that has certainly brightened this period of autumnal dusk has been the beginning of a new series of burlesque parties in Kokomo Tikibar & Room. The first event of this series, called "Pirate Pleasures", brought us all the charm and exoticness, all the warmth and crazyness of the caribbean, straight to moody Helsinki. Sandy joined Tin Ker Bell, Frank Doggenstein, and the one and only Bettie Blackheart, Queen of Fire Tassels, in this exciting trip accross oceans and junggles. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Tropical Sandy!
And last but not least, we would also like to let you know that both picture sections and the upcoming dates have been updated, so feel free to go have a look if you want to see what you've been missing so far, and where you can catch us next! <3

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